Alp predicting coalition meltdown, and he’s right. It’s been that way since the mid-2000s. It’s so bad I wonder what’s next,” Obama declared at his memorial service for the president.

I asked Obama if he thought his re-election was a foregone conclusion after an October surprise loss in the New Hampshire Democratic caucuses, but his tone was almost nonchalant.

I mentioned that it looked like Obama would have a tougher time than expected in New Hampshire and New Jersey this fall, given his poor performance there and his loss i네이버 룰렛n Virginia and Florida.

“We’ll see if wha포커 의 신t happens here helps or hurt us or both of us,” Obama said. “It’s a good indicator of the state. They’re pretty close, but there are places where I’m in the majority and where I don’t seem to be in. And the people that are not in will have a lot of power going forward. I will be making sure that we have folks across the count룰렛ry who will listen to what I think and act accordingly to try to address some of the problems that come up.”

As for a message-driven, campaign-ending failure in 2008, Obama gave a simple, straightforward explanation: “I did not run. I didn’t win, but I didn’t lose.”